CR Europe Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) Webinar Series

With the postponement of the CR Europe Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) until 9-11 November 2020 due to Coronavirus precautions Currency Research have put together a series of short webinar covering some of the time sensitive issues that were due to be discussed during the conferences originally planned dates.

We are currently planning 4 sessions as set out below, but based on feedback are happy to extend the series and add in additional topics, please send us your feedback.

Session 1 2nd April, 14.00-14.45 CET

Covid 19 – an overview of activities undertaken by some central banks

The cash industry, along with the global economy, has been upended in the last few weeks. A lot of conflicting information and advice is circulating between the cash industry and central banks. Indeed, central banks themselves are often issuing conflicting advice. This session will provide a round up of action and advice from central banks around the world.

Does anyone want to be a cash infrastructure provider anymore?

The fourth industrial revolution has taken hold and the challengers have taken the battle to the old guard. The transition to a digital economy is inevitable; soon the infrastructure we have relied upon will be gone forever. So why are so many sleepwalking into a cashless society in which many will be left behind, and why have so few made plans to protect one of our basic human rights?

One year ago I was part of the group that produced the UK Access to Cash report. We asked the question “is Britain ready to go cashless?” and raised the concern that the UK was sleepwalking millions of consumers into a cashless society.

Join this pre-conference webinar where I will highlight some of the themes we will be exploring in November when I will be joined by a panel of experts to see if we can find ways to ensure providers remain in the market to facilitate access to cash.

Session 2 16th April, 14.00-14.45 CET

Covid 19 Update & The Case For Cash

Originally released in 2014 the Case for Cash assessed a number of the myths surrounding cash, often propagated by those engaged in the ‘War on Cash’ to asses which – if any – had any merit. In this session we will examine up to date information to see what changes have emerged over the last 6 years to try and help inform decisions for the cash industry of what the future might look like.

Partnership During Difficult Situations

Maintaining safety and continuity in the cash industry. How G+D supports the safety of all players in the cash cycle during severe situations, and how we are managing the current crisis. In partnership with our customers, we are striving to keep the cash cycle running as smoothly and safely as possible.

Session 3 30th April, 14.00-14.45 CET

Covid 19 Update & The Cash Industry In Transition

Alongside our regular industry wide update on measures being implemented by central banks and regulators, we will be providing a commentary on the effects of these measures with regards to cash movement and retail vs cash perceptions in some jurisdictions.

CIT Operations During Covid-19 Pandemic – Country Case Study for Garanti BBVA Turkey

Garanti BBVA is one of the largest private banks in Turkey and the CIT operations are performed in-house. Before and after the pandemic arrives to Turkey, the actions taken in order to ensure CIT business continuity will be covered in the presentation. How the contingency plans have adapted for the pandemic in an agile and scalable way will be discussed. Precautions and equipment tested will be analyzed. Additionally, experiences on communication with central bank, other banks, vendors, customers and CIT companies will be shared. Insights and key takeaways will be remarked.

  • Presented by:
  • Alper Sayin, Head of Cash Planning & Operations, Garanti BBVA Turkey

Session 4 14th May, 14.00-14.45 CET

Covid 19 Update

Alongside our regular industry wide update on measures being implemented by central banks and regulators, we will be providing a commentary on the effects of these measures with regards to cash movement and retail vs cash perceptions in some jurisdictions.

Cash, cards or cashless? Attempting to understand the world post-Covid-19

The world is in a very different place to where we thought it would be at the start of the year. Attempts to fully understand the socio-economic impact are in many respects futile but provide food for thought. Economic forecasts and consumer trends have taken an unexpected turn as behaviour changes and spending drops, leading to some drastic statements and predictions about the future for work, the environment, retail and payments. In this webinar David Fagleman, Director and co-founder of Enryo, will provide commentary on the impact of Covid-19 on consumer behaviour, the use of cash as a method of payment and present some scenarios how these might develop as the world recovers from Covid-19.

  • Presented by:
  • David Fagleman, Director & Co Founder, Enryo

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